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Using Technology to Increase Literacy

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Welcome to the Seminar Resources!



Free secure emails  and blogs for students


Why use Technology?


  1. Understanding Digital Kids
  2. A \"Digital Arts\" Menu for Multiple Intelligences
  3. "Web-based education software has matured in the last few years, so that students, teachers and families can be linked through networks. Until recently, computing in the classroom amounted to students doing Internet searches, sending e-mail and mastering word processing, presentation programs and spreadsheets. That’s useful stuff, to be sure, but not something that alters how schools work.


The new Web education networks can open the door to broader changes. Parents become more engaged because they can monitor their children’s attendance, punctuality, homework and performance, and can get tips for helping them at home. Teachers can share methods, lesson plans and online curriculum materials.


In the classroom, the emphasis can shift to project-based learning, a real break with the textbook-and-lecture model of education. In a high school class, a project might begin with a hypothetical letter from the White House that says oil prices are spiking, the economy is faltering and the president’s poll numbers are falling. The assignment would be to devise a new energy policy in two weeks. The shared Web space for the project, for example, would include the White House letter, the sources the students must consult, their work plan and timetable, assignments for each student, the assessment criteria for their grades and, eventually, the paper the team delivers. Oral presentations would be required."


"Five years ago, the government gave computers to students at two schools in high-crime neighborhoods in Birmingham. For the students, a Web-based portal is the virtual doorway for assignments, school social activities, online mentoring, discussion groups and e-mail. Even students who are suspended from school for a few days beg not to lose their access to the portal, says Sir Mark Grundy, 49, the executive principal of Shireland Collegiate Academy and the George Salter Collegiate Academy. Today, the schools are among the top in the nation in yearly improvements in students’ performance in reading and math tests."


Published: August 16, 2008 NYT






Social networking site for researchers aims to make academic papers a thing of the past

myExperiment, the social networking site for scientists, has set out to challenge traditional ideas of academic publishing as it enters a new phase of funding.

‘We are investigating the collision of Science 2.0 and traditional ideas of repositories,’ said Professor Carole Goble. ‘myExperiment paves the way for the next generation of researchers to do new research using new research methods.’ 

In its first year, the myExperiment.org website has attracted thousands of users worldwide and established the largest public collection of its kind. 

More information: http://www.myexperiment.org 


Student Blogs - Applications


  1. video -Why should our students blog? 
  2. Poetry for Class Discussion
  3. Daily Journals ( This link may not work right now) 
  4. Movies
  5. Close Reading  Check out the comments to see what they are doing...


  1. Struggling Students
  2. Annotating Texts ********** 
  3. Majors
  4. Monitor all your student's blogs in one place.
  5. Another Blog/Podcast Monitor
  6. Moblogging Applications
  7. Live Webcasting and moblogging


Switchabit is a new service which lets you deliver your communication to multiple sources automatically. Kind of like an online social network switchboard. So say you have a Blogger account and you want your posts to go to Twitter, Facebook and Flickr, just set it up here and every time you post something in Blogger Switchabit will automatically copy it to the networks you’ve selected.]


Teacher Blogs



Atomic Learning http://atomiclearning.com


email and Text Messaging



Free secure emails and blogs for your school- YOU CAN CONTROL THE CONTENT!



email Helps You...


  • Communicate with students
  • Communicate with other teachers in your discipline
  • Post a question to a bulletin board or mailing list
  • Develop a collaborative project with another classroom or many other classrooms
  • Connecting students with mentors
  • Connect students with keypals



Podcasting, Book Talks, and MP3s in the Classroom





Annotating Videos


Annotation Multimedia Project.doc



Online Writing and Collaboration



Class Comic Books Article






Powerpoint for games


Parent Communications- Online Grading and Assessments







These are not content protected -so be careful..The implications for the classroom include live broadcasts of your class or of lessons from home. You can asssign an after school group project and students who are already using this Web 2.0 feature can use it for group meetings.


Free Downloadable Audio Books






3-D Environments

  1. Exit Reality View or create websites using 3-D technology



  1. Metaphor Movie using Apple's imovie
  2. Nick's Video's on Google Video using Windows Movie Maker.
  3. 50 ways to create a multimedia story
  4. Create Public Service Announcements for Health Class
  5. African Folk Tale Movies from Guided Reading Groups
  6. Vocabulary  \"Word of the Day \" Movies
  7. Quick Movies using your stills: Animoto


Idioms in Everyday Language

Movie Books - Children's Stories


Homework Help

Online Homework Help





Digital Cameras


#Free Photo Editing Software



Educational Video Games





Technology Assisted Literacy Knowledge

Teachertube.com http://www.teachertube.com


Vox Proxy gives users the tools to easily script 3D talking animated characters into PowerPoint slide shows. Preview and select from over 30 different characters, each with their own animations. Use the built-in speech synthesizer or record your own voice, and watch the character lip sync your words.




DRA centers.doc




YouTube on a School Computer?

substitute other words for said

I love this Blog I read it all the time!

More Than Cool Tools

Lots of free resources. 

nicenet Internet classroom assistant

Hotchalk Connecting teachers students, and parents

Flexbook create your own content


Lots of free resources.

Moodle, a Tutor, claroline, Dekeos, Docebo, Efront, SyndeoCMSmIllias learning management, DrupalEd and Interact. Teacher Resources.


Friday Five :Tools for teachers

Wikibooks, textbooks in mathematics, Free online textbooks, lecture notes, FHSST


voicethread.  I teach.org.


Distance Learning and Online Meetings

Adobe Acrobat Connect




Blabber Away




Language Arts Powerpoints



A Blog/Pod/Vod Roll (Selected sites that have great ideas about Technology)



Crazy Professor Reading Game 4th grade


New GPS system


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